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Friday, July 14, 2017

Why Everyone Should Take A Power Nap.

Power naps should be a job benefit! Along with health care, paid vacations and coffee breaks, a short snooze in the afternoon should be included in any job description. Why? Well besides being one of life's small pleasures a short nap has many benefits.

1. Improved memory.
2. Gives you an energy boost.
3. Increases creativity.
4. Improves your mood.
5. Increases productivity.

I was fortunate being an on the road salesperson I would routinely pull over and take a short nap in the afternoon. The quick snooze always gave me a boost of energy and helped me get through the rest of the day.

If you love a good nap you're nor alone. Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein,  John Kennedy and Salvador Dali all enjoyed a nap. So if these famous people could nap and still run a country, create great art and discover the Law of Relativity just think what a nap could do for you.

The trick is not to sleep to long. If you do then you'll enter deep sleep and probably wake up groggy.
Here's dome tips on taking the perfect nap.

1. Find a comfortable spot.
2. Keep in short 20-30 minutes max.
3. Do it in the afternoon.
4.Play some soothing music.

Sometimes you have to be creative. If you're on the road like I was then pulling into a safe rest stop works. I knew a person who always took a long bathroom break in the afternoon. Not my idea of a comfortable spot, but it worked for him.

Several companies now allow their employees to take a nap. If you're a member of one of them great. If not maybe you can talk to your HR person with the idea of instituting a nap break. A silly as it may sound there's a lot of solid data you can give showing the ROI of your company provided the time an a place for power naps.

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