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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Put Your Fitness Program on Auto Pilot!

If you're like me you are constantly on the go and sticking to a fitness program is a challenge. Summer time is the time to be outdoors, road trips, weekends at the beach, etc. Who has time to workout! But what if you could put your fitness program on Auto Pilot?

Well you can and here's how.

1. Put your workouts on your calendar.

2. Let everyone know your workout schedule and ask them to join you.

3. Schedule your workouts for first thing in the morning & get up early ready to workout.

 4. Get everything ready the night before; workout clothes, shoes, drinks, everything you need so in the morning you're ready to go.

4.  If your on vacation, say at the beach find a fun/new spot to run/walk.

5. Plan a destination after your run/walk: ie: coffee shop or just a bench with a great view.

6. If you can't find an hour for exercising fit time during the day for short burst. See previous posts for "Bathroom Workouts".

7. Enjoy the summer finding new and creative ways to exercise.

Don't lose all the progress you made just because it's summer and you're on vacation. By sticking to the above suggestions you can put your workouts on auto pilot and still enjoy the summer.

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