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Saturday, July 29, 2017


Well it's been three days since my first acupuncture session. I wanted to wait a few days just to give the treatment time to take effect. But I'm getting ahead of myself, so let's start at the beginning.
My Acupuncturist is a medical doctor in her sixties. She decided to become an Acupuncturist because she was searching for an alternatives to drugs and surgeries and all the side effects.

She first had me fill out a medical report, much like at a regular doctor's office. Then she did something that a regular doctor wouldn't do, she asked me a series of questions about my likes and dislikes. Favorite color, did I like spicy or sweets and other such questions. I'm not sure the reasoning behind these questions. I have to ask her the next time.

As we went over my medical history and current complaints: sore back, restless legs, chronic leg pain & fatigue we decided to concentrate on the restless legs and fatigue for the first session.

Then I went into a room with a table, like a massage therapist would use. I laid face down, she lifted my shirt and began inserting the needles. I really didn't feel any pain in fact when she told me she had inserted fifteen needles, I was surprised because I had only felt 3/4 and only a very small pin prick. Once in I didn't feel them at all. Next she heated up a mugwort a traditional Chinese herb. It resembled a cigar. The she place the lit end to the needles. I felt a warm feeling radiate thru my back, very pleasant. Then she left me for ten minutes. When she came back in she removed the needles. Again there was no pain and very little sensation of removing the needles.

Next I turned over and she inserted needles in my legs, ankle and feet. I felt the needles go into my feet but again only slightly and once in no feeling of the needles. Finally she insert a number into my head. She didn't heat up the needles, but she did leave them in for another ten minutes.

All in all It was a pleasant, calming experience, no pain or discomfort. My body felt relaxed. She told me not to expect too much in the first session, but I could tell that the needles were doing their job. Also my Acupuncturist told me that usually the first session's treatment wears off in a week or so depending on how active I am. Of course the next day I went fishing in a boat all day and between casting and hauling the boat in and out of the lake it was hard to really tell how effective the treatment was.

However after three days I still feel better less pain and less fatigue. My next treatment is in two weeks and I can't wait. Here's a few things I would recommend to anyone planning to try acupuncture.

1. Find an experience Acupuncturists. Acupuncture is as much an art as a medical procedure. The more experienced the Acupuncturist the more knowledge and practiced they will be in their "art".

2. Be opened to the experience. It's okay to have some anxiety over the idea of needles being inserted into your body, but for 1,000's of years acupuncture has successfully treated all kinds of aliments. So be open to the concept that acupuncture maybe the solution you have been looking for.

3. Be honest and frank with your acupuncturist. Don't hold back important medical information. She can't treat you if you keep don't fully disclose all your aliments.

4. If you do experience pain let the acupuncturist know. Unless you are hyper sensitive to pain you should barely feel anything.

5. Plan on spend 1 1/2 hours the first time. You'll have to fill out forms, medical history and be interviewed so give yourself plenty of time. The last thing you want is to feel rushed and stressed.

6. Give the treatment time to work. How fast you'll notice relief depends widely from patient to patient. Some may notice immediate relief and some may take longer. For me I did notice some relief and the next day felt even better.

Acupuncture can be just the treatment you need to cure your pain and want ails you. Give it a try. I did and I'm glad I did!

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