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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Can An Everyday Spice Cure My Prostate Cancer?

 Can An Everyday Spice Cure My Prostate Cancer?

WARNING: The views and/or opinions about Prostate Cancer and treatments are mine and mine alone. I am not a doctor or health care professional. I am just one man recording his experience with Prostate Cancer in the hopes it may help some one facing the same decision I faced.

Is it possible that spices most people have in their kitchen be as effective a cancer killer as radiation/chemo? If so then why isn't it recommended by doctors?  The answer to the first question is a strong maybe. To answer the second question you only have to ask yourself could Big Pharma patent it and make a profit? The answer is no!

The spices were talking about are Ginger and Tumeric. What so special about these spices and how do they kill cancer cells? For centuries these spices have been use in traditional eastern medicines to cure a wide variety of aliments. More recently modern western medicine has been taking a hard look at Ginger and Tumeric's ability to inhibit and kill cancer cells.

Here are some key points and results.

1. American Cancer Societ: Curcumin the active ingredient in Tumeric interferes with  development, growth and spread of cancer cells and even killing cancer cellsand shrinking tumors.

2. Tumerice/Curcumin can enhance the effectiveness of chemo treatment.

3.  A study presented at the American Association for Cancer Research annual meeting in 2006 found ginger to be effective against prostate and ovarian cancer, too. The research, conducted at the University of Michigan’s Comprehensive Cancer Center, showed that ginger kills cancer cells and also prevents them from building up resistance to cancer treatment. (

4.  Researchers at Georgia State University also found that ginger can be helpful in fighting prostate cancer. Their study, published in the British Journal of Nutrition, showed that whole ginger extract can help shrink prostate tumor size by as much as 56% in mice.

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Although most of the test were on animals and more human tests need to be done the conclusions so far are very encouraging. As I said earlier if Big Pharma could figure out a way to sell these spices and make a profit I'm sure research would be heavily funded and a new drug would be released selling for many times what the spice and supplements now cost.

The bottom line to me is there are no or few side effects from taking high doses of ginger and tumeric. You can buy them in supplement form and/or add the spices to the foods you now eat. I believe that humans have developed over the course of thousands of years thru trial and error many natural foods that do cure many diseases.

Of course you need to discuss this with your doctor before taking these spices and don't stop taking any prescribed drugs unless the doctor tells you to.

My opinion and the treatment I'm now taking is Active Surveillance and Three 500 mg of Tumeric and 150 mg of ginger in supplement form as well as adding to my foods as a spice. I strongly believe that for me this is a safe way to proceed. I'm scheduled to go for further testing in late July and will update on my progress on this blog.

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