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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Prostate Biospy: One, Two, Three Click!

Prostate Biospy: The word strikes terror in the hearts of men. It is the moment of truth. You knew you PSA was rising and the prostate was growing. You've put up with having trouble emptying your bladder and getting up 3, 4, 5 times a night. Your Urologist wants to do a biopsy of the prostrate which he said most men "tolerate" well. The key word here is "tolerate". But not having any options I agreed to the procedure. Basically the procedure involves insert a device up your rectum and firing 12, yes 12! hollow needles into various sections of your prostate. Sounds like fun huh! Kinda like being tortured with burning cigarettes only where they "go" is a place not designed for probing!

Anyway you are numbed. A device is inserted and the doctor starts the biopsy. Before inserting the device my doctor demonstrated it and the sound in makes when the needle is fired through the rectum wall and into the prostate. Believe me if I was a prisoner being questioned about the location of a secret treasure just the sight of this device and the knowledge of what the doctor was going to do with it would be enough to get me to talk!

I will say this despite my initial fear and embarrassment of laying on a table in front of a doctor and a couple of nurses the procedure although slightly uncomfortable wasn't painful. On a scale of 1-10 with ten being the most pain, I say the biopsy was a three.

After a few days I got the results. I had cancer in three out of four sections of my prostate. Not the news I had hoped for but I was assured by my Urologist that the cancer was more than likely contained within the prostate and had not spread.

No I had a decision to make. Which type of treatment did I want to deal with my prostate cancer. They are three major options. Surgical removal of the prostate, radiation and watchful wanting.
In my next post I'll describe each one and the reason I chose the treatment option I did.

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