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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Grow Younger Genes With Exercising!

Is it possible to grow younger through exercising? If so what are the best types of exercises? The first answer and I think you instinctively know this, is YES! Just compare your a fit person to a couch potato. The difference?

1. The one who exercises has more energy.
2. Is leaner.
3. Walks and talks with confidence.
4. Looks younger.

Those are just a few of the differences. Now science has some real evidence how exercising not only can make you look young, but can also help you grow young.

Enter epigenetics, epigenetics is a process by which your genes are changed. Studies have found that exercises can changed your genes. An experiment was done in which a group of young people exercised one leg only for a period of time. The results of course was that the exercised leg was strong with better muscle development. But what really astonished the researchers was that the gene expression of the genes in the exercised leg dramatically changed. The actually grew younger!

In one study 25 older volunteers (Average age 68) were compared with 25 (Average age 24) younger inactive subjects and the results were startling! After 26 weeks of twice weekly exercising the older group's genes had changed. In fact the 179 genes associated with age and exercise more closely resemble that of the younger subjects. These senior citizen's not only slowed the aging process but had actually reverse the process and grew younger!

These studies and more like them should motivate everyone no matter what their age to exercise. Think what this would do to the quality of life for our older population. Not to mention cost of health care.

In my next post I'll go into simple exercises you can do at home. In the mean time what's your excuse!
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