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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

90 Man Does 24 Pull Ups!

Vern Greenwood is 94 years old. Now reaching 94 and being able to stand upright is quite an accomplishment. But what is really amazing is that this gentleman can do 24 pull ups!
To put that in some perspective Navy Seals minimum is 10 their competitive standard is 15-20. This guy could qualify for Seals Training!.

The average for a 18 - 30 year old man is only 8 pull ups. So the idea that a 94 year old man actually cranked out 24 in less than a minute is unbelievable! Don't believe me here's the link.     90 Year Old Man Does 24 Pull Ups!

I don't know much about Mr. Greenwood. From the video he apparently walked into the gym with his son (Who's taking the video.) and cranked out 24 pull ups in under 1 minute. The fact that he's in his street clothes tells me he's not some gym rat or old body builder. He looks lean and mean and didn't seem out of breath or even worked up a sweat.

So what's the point? There's really two points here.

1. Age doesn't matter! You can be fit at any age.
2. Building a foundation of functional strength and fitness when your young pays off in huge dividends later in life.

I'm sure of a couple of things about Mr. Vern Greenwood.

1. He's developed his fitness and strength over a lifetime.
2. He could save himself and others in an emergency.

Now's what's your excuse!

PS: I'm 70 years old and can manage 4 pull ups. Nothing to brag about but that's four more than my 16 year old grandson! Sorry Peter. As soon as the snow's melted it's back to the school playground. My goal is 10 Navy Seals here I come.

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