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Monday, February 6, 2017

Why Physical Strength Is Important: Functional Strength

In my last post I mentioned why physical strength is not only important, but critical because without a strong, fit body it's impossible to reach your full potential and defend yourself and love ones in an emergency. Now let's break physical strength down.

We've all seen body builders and/or elite athletics and marvel at their muscles and strength. Most of us are not interested or have the time to build huge muscles and thankfully this is not what were talking about when we talk about "Functional Strength".

Functional Strength is the ability to perform. Wikipedia defines Functional Strength as the ability to perform daily tasks. Being able to run away from danger would be one example of Functional Strength.

I'm not talking about setting any records, just being able to run 100 yards or more at a pace that would carry you away from danger.

Have the strength to pull yourself up and or lift a person out of a burning car or house, lifting debris off a person are important Functional Strength to have.

It doesn't matter what your age or sex is. Everyone can build strength through simple exercises that they can do at home or even at the office without any expensive equipment. In future posts I'll go into detail in these exercises.

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