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Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Importance of Physical Strength

Physical strength is the core from which all other physical, mental and yes spiritual attributes come from! Now I know that's a pretty strong statement and many today would argue that physical strength is passe', a thing of the past and not needed in our modern world. Some would even goes so far as to claim that physical strength is akin to domination over another person, bullying and the domain of thick neck, no brain testosterone fuel muscle bound twenty year olds. In the age of the metro male being physically strong is just not cool. Really! I think not and here's why.

First here's my definition of what I mean by physically strong. For the record I'm 70 yrs plus and no I can't perform like I did when I was twenty-five I'm still strong and fit. This come from a life time of working out, lifting tons of weight, doing thousands of pushups, pullups and squats. This has built a core or foundation of strength which now in my golden years allows me to truly enjoy and active life style. In fact even though my face may show my age. The body looks like it belongs to a fit thirty year old.

My definition of being physically strong is very simple. It is being strong enough to save your life.

Everyday we read or hear about someone faced with a life threatening emergency. A fire, car crash, mugging, buried in an avalanche or God forbid a terrorist attack.

Being physically strong could make the difference in surviving or dying.

1. Being able to run fast enough to get out of danger. When was the last time you really ran fast? One of the best ways to avoid a life threatening situation is to get out of the danger zone fast. You should be able to sprint at least 100 yards.

2. Being able to pull yourself up. How many push ups/pull ups can you do? Having the strength to pull/lift yourself out of danger is a critical strength to have.

3. Being able to defend yourself. If you can't run from danger. (Which is always your first option.) Being able to put up a good fight could save your life. Knowing some basic self defense moves and having the strength to protect yourself and your love ones could make the difference between life and death.

So they you have it. Short, sweet and simple but loaded with a lot of important principles.

Beyond having enough strength to save yourself and others come other benefits.

1. You project a strong and confident bearing.

2. You have more confidence in all your interactions.

3. Men and women are attracted to a strong person.

4. You build a foundation of strength that will pay big benefits as you get older.

I hope I gave you some good reasons why even in the 21st Century physical strength is important for both men and women. Today is Super Bowl Sunday and as we watch young, strong and athletically gifted young men batter each other remember that you to owe it to yourself and your love ones to be strong.

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