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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Never Too Old To Build Muscle?

Yesterday I wrote that you are never too old to build muscles. Now let me give you some more reasons why it's important to build muscles/strength.
 I'll use a great example:

Reagan was shot on March 30, 1981. A long-nosed .22 caliber bullet, fired from a pistol, ricocheted off the Presidential limo and entered Reagan's chest, under his left arm. The bullet was of the exploding type, but it did not explode. The main threat to Reagan's life was from blood loss and a collapsed lung. He lost 1/2 of his blood. Despite the seriousness of his wound he walked out of the hospital 12 days later.

President Reagan recover from a near fatal gunshot wound and lost of blood, an injury that could of killed a younger man. Aside from having great doctors and the best possible care Reagan was remarkably fit for a man 70 years old.

Reagan's lifestyle could be called vigorous. Riding horseback, cutting brush and chopping wood on his ranch. As president he converted one of the White House bedrooms into a gym. After his recovery from the gunshot wound he started a weight training program. The results according to his doctors was a gain of 1 3/4" of muscle! Pretty good for a 70 year old man recovering from a gunshot wound.

So let me ask you. "What is your excuse?"

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