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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Find Your Passions!

There's a lot written lately about finding your passion. Something you love doing, that motivates you, that gets your blood racing. However for me I need more than just one passion. Maybe it's because I'm retired and have fortunately have extra money to pursue my passions.

Or maybe it's because I get bored easily. Whatever, I find having several interests keeps me involved and active and I believe keeps the old brain cells functioning. I give you one example. I always love Jaguars. Fifty years ago my brother and I pooled our money and bought our first car. It was a 1958 Jaguar Mark II. We bought it for $500.00 and currently a nicely restored version sells for 35K.

Here's a picture of my son and I next to my baby.

It was a fantastic car very fast with leather seats and real wood trim and different from all the other cars on the streets. It was also a real babe magnet. Unfortunately it was prone to breaking down and broke down just as we were going into the service, so we sold the car. Since then I have always wanted another Jag. Finally fifty years later on my 70th birthday I did! I can't tell you how much I enjoy this car. Now fifty years seems a long time to wait, but I pursued my passion by reading and watching movies and You Tube videos about Jags. I attended car shows and from time to time visited Jaguar dealerships. It became a hobby, a passion and I became something of an expert on all things Jaguar. Just seeing my Jag in the driveway gives me a thrill and definitely gets the blood pumping.

But the Jag is just one of my passions. I also love fishing. Just sitting on the shore of my favorite lake on a quiet summer morning is one of life's little joys. Another passion is woodcarving. When I sit and carve little figures and animals time seems to stand still. I'm also lucky that I can share my passion for woodcarving by teaching at the local senior center. Once a week about 15 men & women gather and carve. We tell jokes, complain about the gov't and our latest aliments and generally have a great time.

Of course one of my passions is writing this blog and sharing things that are important to me and I hope informative to my readers.
So my point is passions can be what motivates us, keeps us young and involved and also expands our horizons.

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