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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Building Functional Physical Strength

Hopefully I have convinced you in my previous posts that building functional physical strength is a vital to you welfare, well being and peace of mind. Not just for you but for your loved ones. At the risk of repeating myself I'll give one more example of why building functional physical is important.

Let's compare two men that I have known for sometime. Both are in their late seventies or early eighties. Both are married. However one is overweight and shuffles around with the help of a cane and has multiple health problems including diabetes mainly associated with his weight and inactivity. He also has an arsenal of guns and knives and brags about how he could defend himself. But the truth is there's no way he could defend himself or his family. Let's say there's a fire in his house. By the time he managed to get out of his chair or bed it would probably be too late to save himself and/or his wife who is also semi invalid. The same would be true if an intruder broke into his house. So in his case all the guns and knives in the world won't protect him if he lacks the functional strength to move fast enough to get out of danger or defend himself.

A couple of years ago my second friend was told by his doctor that if he didn't lose weight and improve his health he would be on insulin because he was pre diabetic. To his credit he decide  to change his diet and start walking now he walks four miles a day and eats right, The payoff is he's now longer pre diabetic and is able in an emergency would probably save himself and his wife.

We all make decisions in our lives that can take us in different directions. Deciding to build your physical strength is a decision that not only can save your live, but improve the quality of your life.

So let's begin! Remember the only one you are competing against is you! The first step is to get your doctors okay. Once you have done that the next is to write a series of goals and reasons to start a strength building program. Write down what motivates/inspires you. Put these goals somewhere where you can see them. It's up to you whether you show them to anyone or keep them to yourself. The important thing is to write them down!

In my next posts I'll break down suggested exercises and ways to gradually increase strength.

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