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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Baby Step Your Way To Functional Fitness

One of the biggest mistakes people make when starting a physical fitness program is doing too much. You know how it is you finally decided to start a fitness program. You bought the latest exercise togs, shoes, Fit Bit or other type of monitor. Maybe you bought a gym membership or hired a personal trainer. You've written down your goals and stocked up on all the right supplements and protein shakes.

So all primed and brimming over with enthusiasm you start your first workout! Pumping out as many reps with as much weight as possible or running a couple extra laps. You get home gulp a protein shake feeling tired but pretty good.

The next morning it's a different story. You wake up and your whole body is screaming in pain! Everything hurts! You're stiff and sore in places you didn't even know you had. So you swallow some pain killer, take a sick and go back to bed. The next day feeling a little better, but you skip your workout, vowing to get back at it tomorrow. But tomorrow comes and you skip the workout again. Maybe you finally get back to your workouts or maybe like a lot of people just quit.

Many, many years ago about 54 years to be exact. My younger brother and I signed up for an eight week body building course promoted by Joe Wieder. We brought a cheap set of weights and some protein mix and waited for the course to arrive figuring we look like Charles Atlas (Yes I know that was another program.) in no time.

Each week you received a specific set of exercises demonstrated by a world famous body builder. You can imagine our surprise when we opened the first weeks program. Instead of lifting weights and tearing up phone books. We did a series of simple bending and stretching exercises! What! Well as Joe Wieder explained you need to prepare your body before you hit the weights. These simple exercises would get progressively harder until finally in the eighth week you finally grabbed the iron, But even then starting with light weights.

A little disappointed but having faith in Joe we went thru the entire program. By the eighth week we were ready and made amazing progress! After about six weeks on the weight and following Joe dietary guidelines which was pretty solid advice even by today's standard I gain about twenty pounds and had great definition! This program and the sound advice started me on a lifetime of physical fitness.

The lesson here is pretty simple. You can't run until you can walk and you start walking with baby steps! So take it easy start slow. Build a foundation of strength and condition your body by progressively increasing the types of exercises, reps and duration. Sure you'll still be a little sore but that's okay. If you start with baby steps your body will thank you, the chances of quiting are less and the results in eight or ten weeks will amaze you. So baby steps your way to functional strength.

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