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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Update Welcome 2017!!

Been away for a while. Actually about nine months and no I'm not pregnant! Actually a lot of good and positive things have been happening in my life & hopefully will continue into 2017. I guess you could say I'm checking off my bucket list. Soooo... here's an update:

1. Bought a condo in a perfect location. Close to my children & grandchildren, The cool thing is the condo has an elevator hopefully we'll never need it but if we do it'll be there. We'll also about 5-10 minutes. from stores, banks, library, etc. Even though we're in town we back up to the campus of the elementary, middle & high school with plenty of open & woods and walking trails.

2. Trip to AZ to visit my Mom & sister. Mom's 94 & move last year with my sister out to AZ. Great time touring the Grand Canyon & surrounding towns.

3. Finished my book "Danang Damned"   only took 50 years to write. Now to get it published.

4. Bought my dram car a 2007 Jaguar S Type British Racing Green low mileage and yes it's fast, very different from other luxury cars and a joy to drive, This has been my dream for 50 yrs! My first car was a 1958 Jag MKII. Unfortunately I had to sell it when I went into the service.

Here's a photo. The first one taken 50 yrs ago with my brothers. I'm the one in the cool red & black shirt. The second is with my son & my 'new' Jag!

So those are the highlights. A lot of very cool things are planned for 2017 including more posts & articles, publishing my book, creating some wood sculptures and working with a great friend on project involving art, music & writings/poems.

Now please don't think I'm bragging but when you find your passions, write down your goals and take actions toward accomplishing them Magic Happens!

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