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Saturday, January 21, 2017

D Ribose: The New Superfood

Every time you turn on your TV, laptop and/radio some one is promoting a new superfood. Everything from common items like green tea and blueberries to exotic and expensive goji berries and Manuka honey. I've tried them all and some seem to have some benefits, but some just seem to be a quick way for me to spend money.

One of the newest "superfoods" is D-Ribose. D-Ribose is a simple sugar that is actually produce by the body and is important in the production of energy on a cellular level. It enhance athletic performance and aids in recovering from muscle fatigue.

Now at 70+ energy and better faster recovery from exercise is pretty important to me, so I decided to give D-Ribose a try. Right up front It's expensive. I paid $28.00 for 8 oz at a local health store. I could of order fro Amazon and save $8.00, but I happened to be in the store and had been meaning to buy some so I did.

Researching on the web for recommended dosages I found one comment were the person instead of taking 1 tablespoon 2/3 times a day took 1/2 a teaspoon five/six times a day with meals and between meals. Her thinking was that keeping a constant flow of D-Ribose in the body was better than a couple of larger dosages. Apparently D-Ribose has a short life once you take it. She reported better results with this dosage.

So I started today January 21, 2017 and I track my results and report back.

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