Da Nang Damned!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

D-Ribose Update

D-Ribose Update: So it's been four days since I started taking D-Ribose and I thought it was time for a progress report. As I said in my last post. I bought D-Ribose because I had heard a lot of info as to it's effectiveness in boosting energy and later my energy levels have been low. In fact I stopped working out, so I figure why not give Ribose a try?

After researching on the web I decided to go with the suggestion of taking smaller doses several times a day rather than the recommended 1 1/2 teaspoons before a workout. I began with 1/2 a teaspoon dose five times a day. This works out to 1/2 tsp at each meal & a dose mid morning and mid afternoon.

Now maybe it was just a placebo effect but I did feel slightly more energized after taking a couple of doses, I then modified the doses by taking 1 tsp at meals and 1/2 tsp for the two breaks. Again definitely felt better and in fact today I breezed through my first workout since before Christmas! In fact I did 2 more reps of Dive Bomber Push Ups and still felt well enough to spend an hour in my work shop. In fact I planning to take a walk this afternoon.

In conclusion I believe the D-Ribose is working. My level of energy is higher than before I started and seems to last though the day. I don't think increasing the doses would make much of a difference, but I do think the doses I'm on now work. I hope this helps you in deciding to try Ribose. As with any drug/supplement make sure to check with your doctor. Also I found the best prices on Amazon.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

D Ribose: The New Superfood

Every time you turn on your TV, laptop and/radio some one is promoting a new superfood. Everything from common items like green tea and blueberries to exotic and expensive goji berries and Manuka honey. I've tried them all and some seem to have some benefits, but some just seem to be a quick way for me to spend money.

One of the newest "superfoods" is D-Ribose. D-Ribose is a simple sugar that is actually produce by the body and is important in the production of energy on a cellular level. It enhance athletic performance and aids in recovering from muscle fatigue.

Now at 70+ energy and better faster recovery from exercise is pretty important to me, so I decided to give D-Ribose a try. Right up front It's expensive. I paid $28.00 for 8 oz at a local health store. I could of order fro Amazon and save $8.00, but I happened to be in the store and had been meaning to buy some so I did.

Researching on the web for recommended dosages I found one comment were the person instead of taking 1 tablespoon 2/3 times a day took 1/2 a teaspoon five/six times a day with meals and between meals. Her thinking was that keeping a constant flow of D-Ribose in the body was better than a couple of larger dosages. Apparently D-Ribose has a short life once you take it. She reported better results with this dosage.

So I started today January 21, 2017 and I track my results and report back.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Aging With Style

Okay you have reached another milestone. You've retired and at long last there's no more rush hour commute, endless boring meetings and/or Monday morning blues. The challenges and stress you dealt with during your long career are over, but a new challenge awaits. How do you age with style?

I'm sure that if you're reading this blog and others on the topic of aging you have a desire to make your retirement everything it can be and more. Maybe you have a bucket list and/or projects you have been putting off for years. Maybe you want to get in shape or learn how to play chess. One thing you don't want is to spend the rest of your days sitting in a recliner eating Doritos and watching the boob tube.

So what do I mean by "Aging with Style". Sounds intriguing doesn't it. Well Aging with Style can mean different things to different people, but to me it means being a physically fit, well groomed person with the ability to carry on an intelligent conversation on a number of topics. In other words a "Gentlemen".

Now this may seem old fashion, but hear me out. We as a society in my opinion have fallen away from what use to be called good manners. Look at pictures from the 1920's - the early 50's in those days most men when they went out were well groomed usually wearing a jacket, tie & a hat. Last week I was in a store behind a man about my age who was wearing pajama bottoms! Really!

Okay some would defend the wearing of PJ's in public. After all he has the right to wear anything he wants or maybe he can't afford a pair of pants. That maybe, but there are two thrift shops in town wearing you can buy a decent pair of pants for $5.00 and once a month they have a bag sale wear you can stuff a bag $2.00. I know because I shop these stores.

Remember the saying: "The clothes make the man?" Something to think about. I know that if I walked around in my PJ's not only would I feel crummy, I bet other people would treat me different that if I walked around in a clean pair of chinos and a decent shirt.

I have more to say about Aging in Style in the next post. Hopefully I can convince you not to wear your PJ's in public.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Update Welcome 2017!!

Been away for a while. Actually about nine months and no I'm not pregnant! Actually a lot of good and positive things have been happening in my life & hopefully will continue into 2017. I guess you could say I'm checking off my bucket list. Soooo... here's an update:

1. Bought a condo in a perfect location. Close to my children & grandchildren, The cool thing is the condo has an elevator hopefully we'll never need it but if we do it'll be there. We'll also about 5-10 minutes. from stores, banks, library, etc. Even though we're in town we back up to the campus of the elementary, middle & high school with plenty of open & woods and walking trails.

2. Trip to AZ to visit my Mom & sister. Mom's 94 & move last year with my sister out to AZ. Great time touring the Grand Canyon & surrounding towns.

3. Finished my book "Danang Damned"   only took 50 years to write. Now to get it published.

4. Bought my dram car a 2007 Jaguar S Type British Racing Green low mileage and yes it's fast, very different from other luxury cars and a joy to drive, This has been my dream for 50 yrs! My first car was a 1958 Jag MKII. Unfortunately I had to sell it when I went into the service.

Here's a photo. The first one taken 50 yrs ago with my brothers. I'm the one in the cool red & black shirt. The second is with my son & my 'new' Jag!

So those are the highlights. A lot of very cool things are planned for 2017 including more posts & articles, publishing my book, creating some wood sculptures and working with a great friend on project involving art, music & writings/poems.

Now please don't think I'm bragging but when you find your passions, write down your goals and take actions toward accomplishing them Magic Happens!