Da Nang Damned!

Thursday, March 3, 2016


I've been working out since I was a teenager. Power lifting, body building, body weight exercises you name it at one time I did it. My dreams of being the next "Arnold" faded many years ago. I now no longer pump iron, preferring body weight exercises and exercise cables over steel plates and bars.

For about 6-9 months I have been experiencing severe muscle soreness and fatigue one, two or more days after a workout. At first I thought it was just my old body needing more rest especially after an intense workout. I would wait for the soreness and fatigue to go away before another set of workouts.

But despite days of rest and changing my routines the soreness and fatigue always came back, sometime to the point of barely functioning the next day. I meet to my doctor and he ran a series of test: blood work, MRI CAT Scan, etc and I've seen a Endocrinologist. They have ruled out chronic fatigue, plaque build up in my arteries and all test have come back negative.

The good news I in great shape. The bad news is there seems to be no medical reason for the fatigue. Is it all in my head? Let me backup and say that the soreness and fatigue worsen after my radical Prostatectomy. My Urologist said I would improve and that my Testostarone  levels were fine.

Now I know I'm pushing 70 and should be thankful to be alive and in pretty good shape. But that's not me. I know guys who are older and who workout as hard or harder than me and bounce back/recover from their workouts no problem.

I've tried pre and post workout shakes, meals and supplements but to no avail. On top of the fatigue I have to lie down in the afternoon and usually crawl to bed around nine bone tired. So I'm throwing it out there looking for answers and would appreciate any help I can get.


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