Da Nang Damned!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Muscle fatigue can be a workout killer. As much as you want to workout you also want to avoid the pain and fatigue tat can result. Is there an alternative besides doing nothing? Well in fact there is. It's called Qi Quong or Chi Quong.

Qi Quong is an ancient form of martial art originating in China thousands of years ago. Qi Quong means life energy, combining slow moving movements, meditation and deep rhythmic breathing. It is a form of moving mediation and is consider a form of balancing qi, which is considered life energy.

I discovered Qi Qoung many years ago when I was recovering from back surgery and have used it off and on ever since. Whether it's the deep breathing or slow movements or the balancing of my Qi I always feeling better after doing a fifteen minute session.

If you suffer from muscle fatigue Qi Quong is a great way to heal and recover your energy. I practice Qi Quong between workouts. I also take a break every six weeks or so and just practice my Qi Quong movements. As I get older I find that Qi Quong is especially helpful in healing my body and mind. There are many sources of information on the internet especially "You Tube". Also as the popularity of Qi Quong grows more and more health clubs offer Qi Quong classes.

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