Da Nang Damned!

Thursday, March 17, 2016


The Irish have a reputation as being a tough, hardnose, stubborn people. They also are known for their humor, laughter, poets and writers and yes drinking. Saint Patrick's Day is a great time to celebrate all that's great about the Irish and their many contributions to the world.

Of course having a lot of Irish blood flowing through my veins I can not help but celebrate the Irish. Did you know that the Irish were one of the few people were never completely defeated by the Vikings, Romans or English? Of course in more recent times the terrible fighting between in Northern Ireland highlighted the deep divisions and resentment towards English rule. Thankfully things have settled down and the people of Belfast and Northern Ireland have enjoyed the many benefits of peace.

Famous Irish writers and poets have helped shape western literature. James Joyce, Bram Stroker, Jonathan Swift, Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw to name a few. Peter O'Toole,Liam Neeson, and Colin Farrell. And who can't forget such great songs like "When Irish Eyes are Shining", or Danny Boy.

So today everyone gets to be Irish. Put on a little green and may the "Luck of the Irish be with You!

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