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Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Is it possible to cure back pain without surgery? While I'm no doctor, I am someone who has lived with back pain had surgery and has lived the last eight years relatively pain free. I can tell you that surgery alone is not the answer. Surgery can fix the problem of a ruptured disc. But only by changing your life style can you truly cure back pain.

Think of it this way. You have back pain and after an MRI and discussion with your doctor decide on surgery. After the operation the surgeon tells you he "fixed" the problem and mechanically you're fine. Bur are you? Did you know there's even a medical term called "Failed Back Surgery Syndrome"?
For many people the pain they experienced before surgery is still there. What went wrong?

The short answer is nothing! The surgeon did his/her job, but the back with all it's nerves, muscles, tendons and spinal column is a very complex area of the body. Too many people expect the surgery to cure the back pain and then they can go back living their normal lives. Many time the causes of the back pain and their lifestyle only leads to more problems.

The real way to cure back pain whether you have surgery or not is to make positive changes in your life. Two of the most critical are:

1. Lose weight! I know a person who had back surgery about the same time I had mine and who has lived with back pain ever since. It's gotten so bad that he can barely walk. He gone to all kinds of specialists, endured all kinds of test and procedures and still the pain persists. However the one thing he could do which in my opinion would make all the difference is lose the spare tire around his gut! This extra 20 or 30 pounds puts enormous strain on his back. But whenever I mention the fact he gets mad and tells me to mine my own business! I should add this person has diabetes and high blood pressure. Again losing the weight would make a huge difference in his health.

2. Exercise: There are specific exercises that will straighten your back from simple walking to the Cure the Back Pain program which has helped me.

None of this is rock science. Rely on surgery to cure your pain and ignoring the reasons that caused the pain is foolish. Why live in pain if the cure is readily available? 

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