Da Nang Damned!

Friday, March 7, 2014


I admit that I have always been in love with push ups. Even as a youngster push ups were my first body building exercise . Today at 67 1/2 years old they remain my favorite body weight exercise. Why? Because in my humble opinion they are the most effective body weight exercise you can do to build muscle, increase core strength and cardio function.

Let's take a close look at why I am so in love with pushups.

1. They can be done anywhere: in your bedroom, hotel room, on the beach, backyard, front yard, your neighbor's yard -Okay you get the picture no need for a gym membership.

2. Most of us know how to do they basic military pushup. No special trainers or instructors needed.

3. No fancy expensive equipment.

4. Endless variations: I'll talk more about some of the different push up variations in another post, but let's just say if you only did push ups you would never get bored.

5. Works all the major muscle groups: Biceps, Triceps, delts, traps, lats pecs, abs & even to some extent legs. All get a great workout.

A word of CAUTION! If you are suffering from back pain you first have to do specific exercises to lose the pain. The best one I found  is Lose The Back Pain by the Healthy Back Institute. They are now offering the complete program on a 21 trial basis for only $4.95! This is the exact same program I used to cure my back pain. It worked for me and it can work for you.

So there you have the reasons why I love push ups. Sadly this terrific exercise gets shoved into the corner with all the fancy videos and exercise machines being promoted today. But if you take a close look at this programs & machines I think you see that many of the movements are very similar to a push up. Take my advice and give push ups a try & maybe you'll fall in love too.

Monday, March 3, 2014


It's another snow day: No school & we're being advised to stay off the roads. So does that mean I don't have to workout? You maybe feeling frustrated that you you can't go for a morning run or the gym is closed. But that doesn't mean you have to completely abandon your your over all fitness program.
Below are some ideas for an in home snow day workout.

1. Pullout the old workout video, or go on youtube and/or fire up the Wii fitness program.
2. Do some yoga or just plain old stretches.
3. See how many different forms of pushups you can do.
4. Fast walk around the house.
5. If you have a second floor walk up & down the stairs, it's better than a stair master.


Take a day of rest, mediate, snuggle with your partner, take a nap, plan a week of healthy meals and recharge you're batteries.
Don't stress about missing a workout. If you're into a regular fitness program, missing a workout now & then won't hurt you and can even be a benefit. Remember you don't grow muscles unless you rest.

Enjoy the snow day. It'll be Spring soon enough and then there's no excuse!

Saturday, March 1, 2014


Yes even I fall once in a while. last night my grandson slept over for supper we had meatball subs and later watching a movie popcorn. I went to bed feeling sick, dizzy, headache, sweating. Started drinking water when I woke up during the night & feel better today, but still a little off.

Lesson learned watch out for those cheap carbs & wheat/gluten! So back to scrambled eggs for breakfast. Even my blood pressure which is always slightly below normal w/no meds was 85/54. That's close to critical!

I'm guessing in was the shock to my body having all those carbs & the blood sugar rise caused by the wheat.  back to lean protein & veggies. Guess those Paleo Diet people know what they're talking about!
Here's a link to learn more about the Paleo Lifestyle & some recipes.