Da Nang Damned!

Friday, February 14, 2014


Happy St. Valentine's Day! Here's a question for you to ponder. Are you staying heart healthy? Of course Valentine's Day focuses on matters of the Heart and romance and that's very important. But more important is being heart healthy all year round. After all it's hard to fully love someone else if your not healthy. So here's a quick check list. If you are not doing all of these you maybe limiting your self and your love life. 1. Are you eating the right foods? Healthy lean protein, colorful veggies and fruit. 2. Are you staying active? Exercising, walking,etc at least 15 mins a day. 3. Do you get regular/annual physicals? 4. Do you practice some form of meditation? 5. Do you have a positive outlook on life? 6. Do you have a good social network? These six area have been shown to be the things that happy, healthy people seem to have in common. So Happy Valentine's Day.

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