Da Nang Damned!

Monday, January 20, 2014


I recently wrote a post about the perfect diet. Although my wife and I generally eat according to the guidelines I refer to in the perfect diet, the Holidays threw us for a loop. All the sweets and food that we ate at parties and cooked ourselves for friends and families really packed on the pounds. The cold weather only adding to the problem making it hard to be outside. On top of that I beginning to realize that consuming grains even whole wheat is bad for your health. Recently I learned that whole wheat raises the blood sugar about the same as a candy bar! The fiber you get from whole wheat is really minimal when you consider the sugar increase. Plus the more I read about gluten intolerance the more I believe a lot more people suffer from it than previously thought. I know in my own case when I consume lots of gluten products I feel sluggish and worst my restless legs really get fired up. So I decided to go on a 30 day challenge. Eliminate wheat and stick to a Paleo Diet. I will be posting recipes from time to time. So join me on this challenge.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


From time to time everyone will experience back pain flare ups. But here are some tips to limit flare ups and cure them ASAP. 1. Know what causes flare ups and avoid them. One of my flare up triggers is shoveling snow or dirt it doesn't matter. So what do I do? Well first I try to avoid shoveling and if I have to I try not to shovel too much weight, watch how I use my body and avoid twisting and throwing the snow,I use an ergonomically correct shovel and take frequent rests. 2. At the first signs and even before I feel any pain I'll take an over the counter pain pill. Do some stretches and use a warm wrap. 3. I maintain a regular exercise program so my core stays strong. And lastly I listen to my body and try not to overdo it. Flare ups are a fact of life, but knowing your triggers and listening to your body can reduce them and hopefully prevent flare ups from recurring.