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Thursday, November 21, 2013

WHAT IF???????

I love "What If' questions and use them a lot to challenge myself and others. For example many years ago I asked myself: "What if I went to college?" At the time I had just gotten out of the service, recently married and was driving a fork truck for a living. Also before going into the service I had flunked out of a junior college! But I began asking these questions: "What if I went back to school? What if I got good grades and graduated? What if I became a teacher? The more I asked these questions the more excited I became and when I started sharing this with my wife she too became excited. So we went for it and four years later after a lot of sacrifice I graduated with honors and started teaching. What if I hadn't asked that question? Where would I be now? How would my life be different? Would I be happy? Who knows, but certainly the question I asked myself many years ago transformed me and set my life on a new and challenging path. Through the years I have asked other "What if questions" from changing careers to moving. Not all have turned out as I planned. But all these questions and the choices I made have made my life very interesting.

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