Da Nang Damned!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Is there such a thing as the perfect diet? If so what would it look like? For years all of us have been bombarded by all kinds of diets. Low carb, low fat, high protein, and on and on. But with all the research isn't there one perfect diet that works for everyone? Well the short answer is maybe. First let's look at what I believe would the qualifications for a perfect diet. 1. Consists of whole foods 2. Be economical 3. Consists of foods readily available in your local grocery store 4. Consists of many of the foods/meals we consider traditional or comfort foods. 5. Be HEALTHY!! 6. Help you to maintain ideal weight 7. Become a lifestyle not a diet 8. Consist of foods & meals the whole family will love. Okay that's a pretty tall order, but doable. After all shouldn't this perfect diet be one that everyone could enjoy and not some diet that you tolerate for a few weeks, lose some weight and then go right back to the burgers and fries. Well stay tune and I'll explore each of these qualifications and see if we can come up with a perfect diet.

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