Da Nang Damned!

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Yesterday I went to my first holiday party and I pigged out. Pulled Pork, chili, scalloped potatoes and desserts, I had two servings of everything without worrying about gaining weight. Why no worries? Because I used one of my Stop Holiday Weight Gain Tricks. This one trick has worked every time I have tried it and it can work for you. I don't believe in denying myself during the holidays, nor do I like possibly upsetting my host by not eating the food they have spent money and time preparing. Now that does not mean I over eat, It does mean that I don't worry about weight gain for two reasons. 1. I maintain a healthy diet 90% of the time day in day out including the holidays. 2. I use a trick that helps me "counter" the effects of partying. So what is the trick? I have a protein shake the morning before a party and for breakfast the day after a party. This is a pretty simple, but effective trick that can also work for you. It's effective because I'm starting off the day with a low calorie, low fat, low carb filling shake. What this shake has plenty off is protein, about 30-35 grams and lots of nutrients from fruits and veggies. I know that when I have a protein shake for breakfast getting a great start to the day, flooding my body with high energy and high nutrition. Whatever else I eat during the day at least breakfast gave me a solid foundation allowing me an occasional "cheat meal". There are a few other tricks in my health bag that I find very useful in fighting the holiday bulge. 1. I maintain a regular exercise schedule. 2. I have a protein snack before leaving for a party. 3. I fill my plate with lots of veggies. 4. My other meal of the day besides the breakfast shake is usually a salad or soup. Most parties offer a selection of healthy foods: raw veggies and fruit just avoid the dip or use sparingly. Also there is almost always a cheese platter just leave out the crackers. Try these tricks of the "trade" and I think you will find that you can enjoy the parties and all the goodies without gaining weight and without feeling guilty. As an extra bonus you will not have to explain to your host why you are not eating her famous pulled pork with her secret barbeque sauce. Happy Holidays!

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