Da Nang Damned!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Is there such a thing as the perfect diet? If so what would it look like? For years all of us have been bombarded by all kinds of diets. Low carb, low fat, high protein, and on and on. But with all the research isn't there one perfect diet that works for everyone? Well the short answer is maybe. First let's look at what I believe would the qualifications for a perfect diet. 1. Consists of whole foods 2. Be economical 3. Consists of foods readily available in your local grocery store 4. Consists of many of the foods/meals we consider traditional or comfort foods. 5. Be HEALTHY!! 6. Help you to maintain ideal weight 7. Become a lifestyle not a diet 8. Consist of foods & meals the whole family will love. Okay that's a pretty tall order, but doable. After all shouldn't this perfect diet be one that everyone could enjoy and not some diet that you tolerate for a few weeks, lose some weight and then go right back to the burgers and fries. Well stay tune and I'll explore each of these qualifications and see if we can come up with a perfect diet.

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Yesterday I went to my first holiday party and I pigged out. Pulled Pork, chili, scalloped potatoes and desserts, I had two servings of everything without worrying about gaining weight. Why no worries? Because I used one of my Stop Holiday Weight Gain Tricks. This one trick has worked every time I have tried it and it can work for you. I don't believe in denying myself during the holidays, nor do I like possibly upsetting my host by not eating the food they have spent money and time preparing. Now that does not mean I over eat, It does mean that I don't worry about weight gain for two reasons. 1. I maintain a healthy diet 90% of the time day in day out including the holidays. 2. I use a trick that helps me "counter" the effects of partying. So what is the trick? I have a protein shake the morning before a party and for breakfast the day after a party. This is a pretty simple, but effective trick that can also work for you. It's effective because I'm starting off the day with a low calorie, low fat, low carb filling shake. What this shake has plenty off is protein, about 30-35 grams and lots of nutrients from fruits and veggies. I know that when I have a protein shake for breakfast getting a great start to the day, flooding my body with high energy and high nutrition. Whatever else I eat during the day at least breakfast gave me a solid foundation allowing me an occasional "cheat meal". There are a few other tricks in my health bag that I find very useful in fighting the holiday bulge. 1. I maintain a regular exercise schedule. 2. I have a protein snack before leaving for a party. 3. I fill my plate with lots of veggies. 4. My other meal of the day besides the breakfast shake is usually a salad or soup. Most parties offer a selection of healthy foods: raw veggies and fruit just avoid the dip or use sparingly. Also there is almost always a cheese platter just leave out the crackers. Try these tricks of the "trade" and I think you will find that you can enjoy the parties and all the goodies without gaining weight and without feeling guilty. As an extra bonus you will not have to explain to your host why you are not eating her famous pulled pork with her secret barbeque sauce. Happy Holidays!

Friday, November 22, 2013


My Mom's ninety-one years young and still gets around pretty good, is optimistic and funny. Now she doesn't drive anymore and lives with my sister she is fully capable of taking care of herself. What's her secret? Well good genes help, but more than that it's Mom's positive outlook on life that I believe really makes a difference and is her secret to a long live. You see Mom sees life as an adventure. She looks forward to each day with optimism. She's currently looking forward to a month in Florida and seeing her grandson and his family. In fact she plans to go to Europe in 2015! Even death doesn't seem to hold much fear for her. Mom just sees it as another adventure! Is there a lesson here? Well lets take a look at a study done nine years ago. A study group -- 999 men and women aged 65 to 85 -- completed a questionnaire on health, self-respect, morale, optimism and relationships. Since then, 397 of them have died. Optimistic participants had a 55 percent lower risk of death from all causes and 23 percent lower risk of death from heart failure. The work, announced today, was led by Erik Giltay of the Psychiatric Center GGZ Delfland, in The Netherlands. That's proof enough for me that my Mom is on to something. Mom does she life as an adventure, because she's an optimist. A pessimist might say "life sucks". Think about how these two attitudes toward might effect your well being. After all isn't easier to go through life with a positive outlook than a negative.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

WHAT IF???????

I love "What If' questions and use them a lot to challenge myself and others. For example many years ago I asked myself: "What if I went to college?" At the time I had just gotten out of the service, recently married and was driving a fork truck for a living. Also before going into the service I had flunked out of a junior college! But I began asking these questions: "What if I went back to school? What if I got good grades and graduated? What if I became a teacher? The more I asked these questions the more excited I became and when I started sharing this with my wife she too became excited. So we went for it and four years later after a lot of sacrifice I graduated with honors and started teaching. What if I hadn't asked that question? Where would I be now? How would my life be different? Would I be happy? Who knows, but certainly the question I asked myself many years ago transformed me and set my life on a new and challenging path. Through the years I have asked other "What if questions" from changing careers to moving. Not all have turned out as I planned. But all these questions and the choices I made have made my life very interesting.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Here are some facts about the Lose the Back Pain Program. 1. It is base on the theory of muscle imbalance. According to this theory muscle imbalances in the body especially muscles that support the spinal column result in back/sciatica pain. 2. Lose the Back Pain individualizes the program depending on your unique problem. To the best of my knowledge no other back relief program does that. 3. Once your problem is identify specific exercise are used to cure your back pain. 4. The $4.95 cost gets you the entire program to try for twenty-one days. If at the end of twenty-one trial period you're not happy with the program you get your money back and you keep the program. 5. The program has helped thousands and thousands of people world wide. Now I realize you don't know me and if you don't believe that I cured myself of back pain without drugs or surgery by following this program then nothing I can say will convince you. However if you are like me you've tried many ways to cure your back pain. Surgery, pain killers, physical therapy, etc and you're willing to try anything.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I write a lot about health issues. From beer drinker to back pain. Good health is a priceless gift we give ourselves. Here's one gift you can give yourself for only $4.95. The gift of a pain free back is possible. Four years ago I injured my back and under went back surgery and weeks of physical therapy,but the pain remain. Finally I found "Lose The Back Pain". I tried the program for $4.95 and almost immediately felt relief. Now years later I'm still pain free and stronger and healthier than ever. Now you to can take advantage of this great program and give it a try for only $4.95! So gift yourself a gift of health and a pain free back. Do it today!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Breaking News:Berr drinkers live longer! I got up this morning, exercised, had my morning smoothy, a cup of coffee and turned on the computer and on the screen was the best news I had in a long time. "Health benefits of beer drinking. Now I admit I love beer. Not the wimpy, pale, light beer, but full body beers, with lots of flavor. From dark beers to pale ales, I really enjoy the many micro brews and variety available. I knew that there were some benefits to drinking beer, but never really looked into it. So when I read the headline I had to go deeper and here's what I found. 1. Beer contains a cancer-fighting agent called xanthohumol, which fights off cancer-causing enzymes. Researchers also believe beer’s sugars help prevent HCAs, a type of carcinogen, from forming. 2. Moderate beer drinking helps prevent blood clots from forming and blocking blood flow to the heart, neck, and brain, which can cause a stroke. Consuming about one beer a day can reduce the risk of mental decline for older men and women by as much as 20 percent. 3. For every bottle of beer men drink daily, they reduce their risk of developing kidney stones by 40 percent, possibly due to beer’s high water content of 93 percent. 4. Beer drinkers tend to live longer, according to several studies. The USDA estimates that moderate drinking prevents about 26,000 deaths a year. This is true in other countries as well, as a study reports that "if European beer drinkers stopped imbibing, there would be a decrease in life expectancy of two years." 5. Boosts Vitamin Levels:Containing vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and folic acid, beer is said to significantly boost vitamin levels in the body. A study found that beer drinkers showed 30 percent higher levels of vitamin B6 in their blood than non-beer drinkers. Dark beers, especially, have the most antioxidants. Okay the above are great reasons to drink a beer a day. But are there beers that are healthier than others? A search of the web brought up these great beers. 1. Yuengling Light Beer: I don't usually like light beers, but Yuengling makes a pretty good light beer. Yuengling is America's oldest brewery making a wide range of great beers in nearby Pennslyvania. They are also my favorite everyday drink. 2. Guinness Draught: Now your talking! For years I've been convinced that Guinness increase brain cells and now there's proof! 3. Sam Adams Light: Again with the light beer! But like Yuengling not bad. 4. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale: A great pale ale and a great summer drink. My favorite Ben Franklin quote really sums it up:"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." So enjoy a bottle of your favorite brew knowing that it's good for you.

Monday, November 11, 2013

WHAT IF?????

Here's an interesting exercise: Ask yourself "WHAT IF______________. You fill in the blank with whatever you want. For example: What if I lived up to my full potential? What if I followed my heart? What if I exercised 30 minutes a day? What if I was rich? I think you get the idea. Now Pick one "What if" that really excites you. Write it down then write down what the consequences would be of the "What if" Next write what you would have to do to accomplish the "What if". This is a great mind exercise and can really help you focus your energy. Have fun with it. Begin by asking yourself: What if I tried this?

Thursday, November 7, 2013


I recently added my picture to the heading. I did this not to show off (I'm actually pretty modest and rarely take off my shirt). But to show that I do indeed walk the talk. I've suffered from back pain, had a back operation and spent months in rehab. Although the surgery and rehab helped I was still in pain. A wanted to end the pain and get on with my life. The difference is that after all the pain, surgery and rehab I didn't just go back to the old habits that weakened my body and made me open to injury. I researched everything I could find not only on back pain, but an healthy living. I figured here I am in my sixties and if I don't start taken better care of myself I'll end up like so many other older people in a wheel chair or a walker. So after months of scanning the internet and reading I found a program that worked for me and as I shared it with others found that they also had the same results. The name of the program is "Lose The Back Pain". I also found how to improve my health by eating right and thinking positively. All this has result in a more vibrant, healthy and active lifestyle. Now I don't pretend to be a super athlete or a health guru. But at 67 I'm far healthier than most men my age. Yes, I do indulge from time to time and yes I do miss a workout every now and then, but I always find my body, mind and spirit craving the high I get from feeling and looking good. Is there a message in this: Absolutely, the message is you have control of your health. No one family, friends or doctors can force you to change. You have to make that decision yourself. The road to feeling healthy and strong is a journey not a destination, but when you are on this journey you'll never look back!