Da Nang Damned!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


We are constantly bombarded by all kinds of diet plans, super foods, vitamins, energy drinks and so on and on. If you are a person who is concerned about their health where do you turn? What diet, foods, and supplements are right for you?

Well the answer is pretty simple: Whole Foods! But you ask what are whole foods? Whole foods are foods like our ancestors ate. It was only a couple of generations ago that people grew their own food and or bought locally grown food. Processed foods loaded with preservatives, artificial colors, favors, fillers and god knows what else is a fairly recent development. Just read the labels on your favorite brand of peanut butter or a simple package of jello, chocolate cookies or frozen pizza. After the first two or three ingredients I can not even pronounce the words let alone have any idea what these chemicals are or what they are doing to my body. Most people pay more attention to what they are feeding their pet. Their cat or dog is probably eating better than there are!

 To compensate for these nutritional time bombs we buy all sorts of vitamins and supplements and go on any number of diets to lose the weight those added ingredients have packed onto our bodies. Vitamins, supplements and diet plans are a huge business according to some sources we spend 34 billion on vitamins and supplements and 20 billion on diet plans. That is a lot of fresh veggies and fruits we could be buying instead.

I'll have more on this topic soon. In the mean time start making some small changes like buying more fresh fruits and vegetables and learning simple and fast ways to prepare them.The choice is yours. You can continue to pump these chemicals into your body and suffer the consequence in terms of poor health, lack of energy and possibly disease or return to the foods your grandparents and great grandparent ate.

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