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Monday, March 4, 2013


Because of a few projects I'm involved in I've let my blogging slide. So here's the last update on the wellness/health part of my life. For the last three weeks my wife & I have been on a cleanse and detox diet. For years I've heard about these diets, but never got motivated to try them. Back in the 70's yeah back in the last century and yes I'm really that old I was a vegetarian and use to fast one day a week. At the time I thought I was really healthy and "cleansed " by the diet and the fast, but the more I learned about my body and about wellness in general I became convinced that we humans are not meant to be vegetarians and/or fast. Now if it works for you great, but for me I began losing a lot of weight & muscle mass and started feeling tired all the time.

Now at the time I was in my mid to late twenties, a time in my life when I should be at my peak physically. So I went back to eating meat & eliminated fasting and my strength & energy returned. But the detox was different. basically it's a shake in the morning, a big salad or soup at lunch and for supper a meal comprised of lean protein and lots of veggies. You eliminate foods that cause allergies such as eggs, wheat and dairy. After 3 wks you slowly introduce these back into your diet & watch you reaction to them. A bad reaction to say dairy will tell you that you are lactose intolerant.

The results for me was a renewed burst of energy and 11 lbs lost. My wife didn't lose any weight. ( Men tend to lose weight faster than women.) But she did drop a dress size. We are slowly trying those for that we may have an allergic reaction to and so far no real problems, but we both agree that we will either eliminate these from our diet or reduce our consumption. All in all it was a good experience. I wasn't hunger and I did drop some weight.

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