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Friday, March 8, 2013


Coconut milk is tastes great & is great for you. It even has more calcium than cow's milk and is available everywhere. Unfortunately it's more expensive than dairy milk. But wait Coach Pete to the rescue! Here's a quick, economical & easy way to make coconut milk @ home and no it does not involve going to a tropical isle and picking your own coconuts.

Buy organic non sweetened shredded coconut meat. Heat two cups of spring water, add a cup of coconut ( You can vary the amount but this works for me.) A packet of Slendra ( I don't use any sweetener.) A couple of drops of vanilla & a pinch of sea salt. Cover & put in the fridge overnite. Next day, put in a blender and whirl around for a couple of minutes. Strain, drink and enjoy!

Play around with the recipe.Adding more coconut will give your a richer, creamier milk. My wife a die hard cow milk addict has switch coconut milk.

To your health!
Coach Pete

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