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Friday, March 22, 2013


Here's how to cook the perfect scrambled egg. First start with the freshest organic free range eggs you can find. Yes I know they're expensive, but even @ $5.00 a dozen it's still only a 42 cents each. Pretty inexpensive for a complete protein meal. Also use all the egg, none of that wimpy egg white baloney! Whole eggs are good for you loaded with complete 6/7 grams of protein and with the yolk included lots of important nutrients. Plus for several years doctors, scientist & nutrionists have all said that eating eggs does not contribute to higher cholestrol. If you're really worried about the extra fat & calories do an extra 10 minutes on the treadmill or skip the extra large latte'.

So here's my method for the perfect scrambled egg.

Beat the egg/eggs with a whisk until nice and foamy.

Heat a cast iron skillet over low medium heat.

Melt a tablespoon of coconut oil in the skillet. Yes coconut oil! It's very good for you Try it you'll love it and no, you won't taste the coconut, but there will be a faint smell of coconut as you cook the eggs. Close your eyes and you'll think you are in the tropics.

Now add the eggs.  I don't season the eggs till after they're cooked. I heard that adding salt to eggs while they are cooking toughens them. 

Take a large spoon and slowly stir the eggs.

The trick is to slowly cook the eggs over a medium to low heat. Stirring slowly while they cook. If the cast iron skillet is well seasoned and oiled the eggs won't stick, but will slide around in the pan.

Cook until the eggs are still moist. PLEASE don't overcook! This toughens the eggs and causes them to stick to the pan.

Slide onto you plate and enjoy!

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