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Sunday, February 3, 2013


I'm a strong believer in the importance of rest. Many athletes and would be athletes get burned out trying to hard to lose weight and/or get in shape. Muscle soreness, lack of energy and even injury can result when we push or bodies to hard.

This is especially true as we get older. The senior athlete needs more time between vigorous workouts to rest, repair, & recovery. For me three days between strength building workouts seem to work best. After three days I very rested, strong and ready to blast into my workout. Research seems to back me up in fact as far as strength building goes sometimes less is more.

Most of the time the days between strength building exercises are spent doing cardio, walking and/or Qigong. So I'm not really resting my body completely, but am engaging in some form of physical exercise. But is there value in doing nothing?

For me the idea of doing nothing is hard to grasp. I'm not the type who enjoys just lying around. The recent two days I spent in the hospital drove me bonkers! Granted I wasn't really sick, but even so I could not of stood another day in bed. However there was one benefit of doing nothing, I had plenty of time to think and meditate.

I had time to evaluate my fitness progress and even more important to review my goals, relationships and self development. This resulted in some tweaking of my goals and establishing some new goals.
Call it a self assessment, but the time I spent doing nothing really helped me focus on what's important. One of my new goals is to spend more time doing nothing, time spent mediating, reading inspirational books and listening to good music can have real value.

So take resting to a new level and try doing nothing or as the old guru on the mountain top might say, "Just Be."

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