Da Nang Damned!

Monday, January 28, 2013


You say you don't have time for a full blown workout program? Then spending 10 minutes doing these two exercises with give you a full body workout. These two exercises work the full body, they're classic exercises that can be done anywhere and requires no equipment.

Number One: The military push up - yeah I can hear the groan's but bear with me. The push up exercise all of your upper body, chiseling your arms, chest, shoulders and back. With the many variations of push ups you'll never get tried of doing them.

Number Two: The squat - You've just gave your upper body a great workout. Now it's time to blast those legs with squats. Again like push ups there are many variations: one legged, wide stance, Hindu push ups, etc. My favorite is going down slowly to about a 90 degree bend and then swinging your arms explode upward.

Push ups and squats will give your body a full workout and the added benefit of being a terrific cardio workout.

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