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Sunday, January 6, 2013


For years I have been a fan of Qigong. While recovering from back surgery I came across information about Qigong and found the exercises would fit into my conditioning program.
Qigong is a form of Tai Chi and as such has been practiced for thousands of years. Like Tai Chi, Qigong is a system of slow deliberate movements, almost like a ballet. Each movement flows into the next.

I do about 20-30 minutes sevral times a week. I use Qigong as a relaxing, streching workout between my strength training. Search the web and you will find many outlanndish claims about Qigong. I can't claim that any of them are legit. I only know that practicing some basic Qigong movements helps me to stay limber, flexibile and improves my balance.  For DVD's and information on Qigong as well as other great wellness products visit GIAIM. They have been providing quality exercise products since 1998.

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