Da Nang Damned!

Saturday, January 5, 2013


PUSHUP CHALLENGE DAY FIVE. Okay it's day five total pushups is 30 and I plan to increase reps by one next week. What am I doing today? REST!! Yeah that's it I'm not doing any old strength exercises today. However, I will take a walk this afternoon. It's a beautiful day sunny, calm winds and temps in the high thirties. So a walk at the lake sounds perfect. Fresh air, sunshine and great views good for the body and soul!

But pushups no way! Rest is just as important as a workout. Resting 24-36 hours after a strength workout allows the muscles to rebuild. Strength training creates minor tears in the muscles. Your body nears the rest to rebuild and actually increase muscle mass and strength. So today and Sunday I'm giving my bod a rest. Next week it's give me 31 pushups!

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