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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


If your into pushups like I am and you're doing the Coach Pete's Pushup Challenge you might be a little frustrated because you're struck and can't seem to get beyond a certain number of reps. For example let's say you're up to 20 pushups but struggling to get beyond that number.

Well never fear the Old Coach has a tip that will blast up pass your plateau. It's call decreasing sets and here's how it works. First set do only 15 reps. Now rest for a minute and do half that number or 8 (Yes you  could do 7, but come on Challenge Yourself!). Okay you have already done more pushups (23) than your previous workout. Next do have that number or 4, then rest again and do 2. Now your number is up to 29.You have just increased your pushups by 50%!

If you really want to challenge yourself take another rest and starting at 2 increase each set until you reach  15 or until failure. Body builders and weight lifters do this all the time. They call it pyramid sets and doing these will really boost your numbers. Each workout session increase the number of your first set. Say instead of doing 15 you do 18, then the next set is 9, then 5, then 3, making a total of 35. This is a pretty intense workout so have a protein shake afterwards and take a rest/recovery day maybe a walk or some yoga.

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