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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I Love My Exercising With My Strength Bands

For the last six months I have been working out with a set of rubber strength bands and I love them. I really doubt if I will ever go back to weights and here are the reasons why.

1. They are inexpensive.
2. They are light weight. I can take them anywhere.
3. I can do all the exercises I did with the weights, plus a lot more!
4.. I can easily go from one exercise to another for a real endurance workout.
5. They are safer than lifting a barbell.

I could go on and on but for my money I thinks strenght exercise bands are the way to go! Their are a lot of exercise bands available for the money SPRI rubber bands offer a wide variety and prices start at around $10.00. If you haven't tried these bands your missing an excellent way to add variety to your strength building routine and a very low cost @ GAIAM.

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