Da Nang Damned!

Friday, January 18, 2013


Okay let's say you want to get strong this year and join the Push Up Challenge. BUT you can't even do 1 military style push up. Well don't give up because the Old Coach has an alternative.

Wall Push Ups are a great option for those who can't do a standard floor military push up. Start by standing 18" from the wall with feet about shoulder length apart. Now lean forward placing your hands about 18-24 inches apart. Lower your body until your chest is 1" from the wall and push back to your begining position. Do this as many times as possible keeping your body nice and straight.

Like floor push ups you will get a great upper body workout and you can vary the wall push up by moving your hands further apart or closer together and moving your feet farther away from the wall.

Okay now there is no excuse not to do your push ups: Now give me 20!

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