Da Nang Damned!

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Losing my back pain has been a long journey. Up until November of 2008 I was a healthy and physically fit 63 year old male. So I didn't give it much thought when I lifted a box out of the back of my van. However while lifting the bottom of the box broke. Instinctively I tried to grab the box before it hit the floor and that is when I felt a pain in my lower back which shot down my right leg. At the time I thought it was a muscle pull. Little did I know that this “muscle pull” would result in months of physical therapy, surgery, lost work and lots of back pain.

While recovering from surgery I stumbled upon The Healthy Back Institute. By following their system "The Lose The Back Pain System" I have recovered my health, strength and best of all the pain has gone. Sure if I do a lot of physical work or drive for long periods of time I still get a slight cramp in my leg. But now I know what to do!

The Healthy Back Institute has helped thousands lose their back pain and avoid surgery. I am sure they can help you. Their website is filled with free information, videos, etc and they have a free newsletter loaded with more info on how to relieve your aching back.

I firmly believe that if I had found The Lose The Back Pain System months earlier I could have avoided months of pain, surgery and physical therapy. The bottom line is the program works! Since then I have been telling anyone who suffers from back pain to contact The Healthy Back Institute and learn about their program. This blog is my way of spreading the news. Visit their links that I have provided.

The great thing about The Healthy Back Institute is they provide tons of free articles, info, videos and exercises FREE on their website. If all you did was use the free stuff you will see amazing results. They even let you try there system for only $4.95! The Lose The Back System has helped thousands lose the back pain and get their lives back! The Lose The Back Pain System is based on the proven principle of Muscle Imbalance.

The Healthy Back Institute individualizes their program to your specific need and they follow it up with one on one coaching.
So I if like me you suffer from any form of back pain, sciatica or a herniated disc and are sick and tired of the pain controlling your life, then the first thing you need to do is Click Here.


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  2. Thank you for posting your story...Good that you're cured of back pain.