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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Back Pain Caused By Consipation!

Recently got this message from Jesse Cannnon of the Healthy Back Insititue and Lose The Back Pain System.

"As you can imagine, I get thousands of emails each day from
people suffer from all types of pain...

Well, a few months ago I included an article in my email
newsletter about how sometimes back pain can be caused by,
or made worse by constipation...

And as you may already know, many pain medications cause
constipation... so this is a very common problem yet most
folks don't even realize it...

Anyway, the article recommended a colon cleanse and the
response we've received has been great..."

Now I don't know about colon cleansing. As my Mom would say: "Eat plenty of fruits and veggies and you won't have a problem." Amazing how right my mother's advice was too bad I didn't listen to her.

Jesse has a lot of great tips, exercises and videos on his website all for free! Plus a free newsletter. Click Here!

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