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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Spinal Injections

The thought of someone sticking a needle in my spine does not thrill me. Especially when the needle looks like something you would use on a horse instead of a human. But if a spinal injections can stop the back pain and let me return to a normal life I am ready to try it. If this sounds like you and you are desperately seeking a way to stop your back from aching then read on.

So exactly what is a spinal injection? Basically a needle is inserted into the epidural space surrounding your vertebra and a solution of anti-inflammation medication and or steroid is injected into the space. The idea is to block the pain, give you some relief and give your doctor a better idea of what the problem is. Although not as invasive as surgery there are risks and you should discuss these with your doctor.Click Here For More Free Info!

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