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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Inversion Tables Are Effective In Relieving Back Pain.

Inversion tables are a safe, effective, non-invasive and proven method of managing back pain. I also discovered that there are several advantages to using inversion tables besides pain management. Below are a list of the benefits as you can see inversion tables are not just for your aching back.

1. Your circulation is improved: By inverting your body you are working with gravity to increase circulation. Inverting also helps the lymphatic system clear itself faster.

2. Slows down /prevents height shrinkage: Aging causes your spinal column to shrink as disc lose flexibility and elasticity. Regular use of an inversion table stretches your spine and helps to maintain your height.

3. Inverting is a great stress reliever: Like yoga inverting stretches joints, relaxing your body and helping you sleep.

4. Inverting sharpens your mind: Using an inversion table causes an increase supply of oxygen to the brain increasing mental sharpness.

5. Inversion helps your joints: Regular use of an inversion table helps keep your joints stay healthy and supple allowing you to maintain a more youthful lifestyle.

6. Better posture: Inverting and reversing the directional pull of gravity enables you to stand, move and sit comfortable.

7. Great for after a workout: Activities like golf, bowling, running, tennis etc can compress your spine and pull your spine out of alignment. Inverting naturally corrects minor misalignment's and helps you recover better from other activities.

All in all inversion tables definitely have their place in not only pain management but in overall health and fitness. Check with your local health club and see if they have inversion tables. If they not encourage the to buy some. Or consider investing in one for your own use.Click Here For More Free Info!

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