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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

84 Year Old Playing Tennis Again!

I wanted to post this from the "Lose The Back Pain" Newsletter. At 84 years old, Wayne Wall is back on the tennis court and I wanted to share with you his recent comments:

"As a result of far infrared heat applications and the stretches you recommended, my sciatica is no longer troubling me and I am again playing tennis 5 times a week at age 84. Thank you!"

Wayne Wall

That's great... and that's just from our free videos... Wayne's not even a customer yet! So don't make the mistake so many others do and under estimate the effectiveness of the things we teach you...

Pretty amazing I just hope I'm alive at 84. Being able to play tennis would be amazing. (Especially considering I never could play the game!) This shows how great the lose the Back Pain Program is and how willing they are to share free info. Click on their link and begin receiving the same info that Wayne Wall is getting. Lose The Back Pain System

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