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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Working With An Aching Back

I just finished one week of working and feel pretty good. A little tried after not being constantly on my feet and of course putting in a 12 hour day (includes 2 1/2 hour roundtrip commute) does wear you out, but all in all not a bad week.

Several things helped in my recovery from a herniated disc and surgery:

1. A skilled and caring surgeon: My advice to you is find the best available. One who does a lot of surgeries and is well known in your area.

2. Great physical therapist: Same advice as for your surgeon. Also I stayed away from some of the larger physical therapist companies and went would a locally own business. Not that a larger compay wouldn't give me good service, I just prefer dealing with someone that has a real stake in the community and business.

3. Sticking to a recovery plan and not rushing things. Healing takes time. It important to understand that you will have some good days and bad days. But with time the bad days are few.

4. losing weight: I lost ten pounds which has made me feel better and have more energy. I plan to lose another ten more.

5. Following a program of exercise and the information available @ the Healthy Back InstituteClick Here!" My only regret is not finding out about them before my surgery. Now that I have found them I intend to stick to their program.

As my therapist says I'm a work in progress. My goals are to continue to improve my strength, energy level and live pain feel. I can't wait to be able to ride my bike and kayak with my wife.

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