Thursday, July 2, 2009

Some More Causes of an Aching Back

Here's some more causes of an aching back. Some not so obvious. But all could be corrected or prevented by a system of proper exercise and diet.

1. Smoking: Now I'm a nonsmoker and certainly know of the risks involved in smoking. But I not sure of the connection between smoking and a bad back.

2. Obesity: Makes sense - carrying around extra weight is going to put additional strain on your back.

3. Older Age: Okay as we age muscles get weaker and bone loses calcium. Disc in the spine lose flexibility and deteriorate.

4. Female Gender: Again I don't know why unless it has something to do with pregnancy.

5. Physically Strenuous Work : Again makes sense.

6 Sedentary Work: Sedentary work can led to weak muscles, then you play a round of golf on the weekend - results a pain in the backk

7. Stressful Job: I think we are only just beginning to understand the role stress can play in our overall health.

8. Anxiety & Depression: Same as above.

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