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Friday, July 31, 2009

Medications for Treating Back Pain

A few years ago when I was a younger person, if you had an aching back your choice of medication was limited to aspirin, one or two prescription drugs and a spinal injection. Thankfully today they are many effective and relatively safe over the counter medications and prescription drugs you can take. Below are the more common drug treatments in use today.

Of course you need to discuss with your doctor the right drug therapy for your back problem and the possible side effects. Also make sure you tell your doctor of any medications over the counter or prescribed that you are currently taking. Don't forget to tell him/her of any herbal treatments or supplements you might also be taking all of these combined with a prescribed drug may have undesirable results.

Acetaminophen, an analgesic used exclusively for acute pain. It can be used alone or in combination with NSAIDs.

Opioids are carefully prescribed for back pain due to their addictive nature. These drugs are not a first line of treatment, but may be used in select situations.

NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory drugs) help to decrease inflammation and promote healing.

COX-2 Inhibitors (a type of NSAID) may allow patients to take higher doses without the accompanying gastrointestinal side effects from conventional NSAIDs.

Muscle relaxants are often prescribed for severe pain. However, some experts believe that NSAIDs are just as effective.

Again understand that any medications even herbal or OTC (over the counter) may have serious side effects. Talk to your physician before taking any medications for back pain.

Also know that all of these medications although they may relieve the pain do not resolve the underlying cause for the aching back. You need to find a program or system to cure your bad back for good.

One of the top rated programs is called the Lose The Back Pain System developed by therapists and doctors of the Healthy back Institute. This program has helped thousands by strengthening muscles and eliminating muscles imbalance.

As someone who has suffered with a bad back and who has endured months of physical therapy and an operation, I can tell you there are solutions for your discomfort. To help myself and others cope with an aching back I have created this blog.

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