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Monday, July 20, 2009

Is Acupuncture A Cure For Back Pain?

Acupunture is the ancient chinese practice of insert small needles into you body a certain specific points. The principle is that these needles stimulate your nerves and can relive pain and discomfort as well as treat numerous diseases. But can acupunture really cure my back pain?

I define a cure as something that will forever fix what ever it is that ails me. Most so called "cures"are not really cures but only prevent the disease. The flu vaccine for example will prevent you from catching it, but not cure you once you get it. Some treatments will reliev the problem/illness but again will not cure.

Acupunture falls into this group. It won't cure nor will it prevent but it will relieve the symptoms. Many studies support this that for the majority of people most find some relief for their pain from acupunture.

To truely be a cure a treatment, vaccine and/or medicine most treat the symptoms and stop the disease/pain from coming back.

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