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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Curing Back Pain With Spinal Injections

The thought of someone sticking a needle in my spine does not thrill me. Especially when the needle looks instead of a human. But if a spinal injections can stop the back pain and let me return to a normal life I am ready to try it. If this sounds like you and you are desperately seeking a cure to stop your back from aching then read on.

So exactly what is a spinal injection? Basically a needle is inserted into the epidural space surrounding your vertebra and a solution of anti-inflammation medication and or steroid is injected into the space. The idea is to block the pain, give you some relief and give your doctor a better idea of what the problem is. Although not as invasive as surgery there are risks and you should discuss these with your doctor.

In my case I decided not to opt for the injections. I based this on a three reasons.

1. I don't like needles! Seriously two of my friend had injections. For one the pain returned two days after the shot was given and for another he was pain free for six months, but eventually had to get another shot.
2. In my specific case surgery was the best option.
3. The shot may bring relief for awhile, but it doesn't cure what ever is causing the pain.

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