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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Exercises To Cure Back Pain

For many years the accepted way to treat a bad back was rest. However we now know that rest and/or inactivity is actually the worst thing you can do. Although right after an injury resting for a few days is a good idea, it is important to begin a program of exercises" as soon as possible.

Why? Because studies have shown that proper exercises will strengthen the back and correct muscle imbalance". As my physical therapist says you need to retrain weak muscles. Strong muscles support the spine, keep in alignment and help prevent injury. but what exercises are the best? Here's a short list.

1. Walking: Find a comfortable pair of shoes and walk. I find that finding a level hard surface is better than walking on grass or a rough surface with bumps and dips.

2. Swimming: The great thing about swimming is that the water gives full support to your body, taking the pressure of your spine. Just don't go off the diving board or try out for the Olympics. easy does it!

3. Stretching: Be sure to get some expert advice and guidance to ensure the proper stretching exercises and procedures. Find a program or system of exercise designed specifically for a person with muscle imbalance problems

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