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Friday, May 29, 2009

Eight Out of Ten Adults Will have Back Problems

Most adults at sometime in their lives will have back pain. In fact statistics say that eight out or ten adults will suffer from bad backs. For some the pain will be severe enough to prevent them from normal activities. If you have suffered with back pain you are not alone. Like you I have had back pain that after rest, medication and physical therapy finally ended up in surgery. A back operation is your last resort and should only be done after you have exhausted all other options. Obviously the first thing you should do is see your doctor. After there a several methods your doctor and/or you may consider.

1. Medication: The first thing is to calm down the discomfort with a pain killer. Also alternative application of heat and cold packs can bring immediate relief.

2. Rest: Year ago most doctors would tell you to go to bed for one or two weeks. Now we know that lengthy bed rest may do more harm than good. However some rest - one to two days maybe helpful in relaxing the inflamed muscles.

3. Physical: Therapy: Physical Therapists can help you learn proper ways to avoid further injury and teach you how to straighten your core muscles.

4. Injections: Now we get into invasive methods. Spinal injections can bring temporary relief, but will not cure your back problem and do have some risks.

5. Back Surgery: In future articles I'll go into the risks involved in surgery, for now let's just say that this should be the absolute last resort.

But are there other alternatives what about acupuncture, massage therapy, herbal treatments? While some of these alternatives may give relief but they don't get to the real cause of your discomfort. One of the most successful programs that I have found is The Lose The Back Pain System by the Healthy Back institute. For 15 years The Healthy Back Institute has specialized in treating chronic back pain. They have helped over 50,000 folks who've suffered from scoliosis ... herniated discs ... sciatica ... arthritis of the spine ... spinal steno sis ... lower back pain ... upper back pain and more - return their bodies to what they were like BEFORE they had back pain.

This ground breaking program is now available to everyone. The team at Healthy Back Institute has put together a system called Muscular Balance Therapy. I wish I had known about "The Lose The Back Pain System" before my surgery. If I had known about Jesse Canone and his program I probably could have avoided months of pain, surgery and being flat on my back for 6 weeks. For more information and links to free videos and advice on curing you back pain see my resource box below.

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